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Four Things It Takes To Make The Final Four

Well, College Basketball season has begun, and so has the March Madness predictions (I know, kinda early huh?)
With all the hard work, sweat, blood and tears already being put in by teams to make it to the Big Dance, it's already proving that this March will be as mad as any, which is a relief, since some thought that last March was just a coincidence, and that after the two years of virtually no exciting upsets, this year would be shaped after that pattern. It seems that there will be no such case, as there are many teams giving very good cases as to why they should be in The Final Four. I'm looking forward to this March for sure. 

My topic today is, what does it take for a team to make it to the Final Four. In my opinion there are four things that it takes. Obviously there are more things, but if a team has these four I think that they can make the Final Four. The four are

1. A respected Coach
The Coach of the team has to have the respect of all of his players. He doesn't necessarily have to have made a name for himself. He could be a first year coach. The important thing is the relationship between Coach and player. The player should want to do what their coach says. They should want to hear the praises of their coach. If this is in place, the other three qualities become much easier.

2. Work Ethic
I don't care how much talent your team has. If they don't work I'm not putting them in the Final Four. I hate to use a football reference in a basketball post, but I'm going too. Tim Tebow isn't necessarily super athletic. But in his book he says he did hundreds of push-ups, sit-ups, pullups etc. every day, including throwing pass after pass after pass. This man was driven. If a team has this kind of drive, this kind of passion to win, then I think this will push them even closer to the Final Four. obviously, if the player wants to please his coach, he will work hard. If the coach can ignite this kind of passion in the player, then from there beautiful things start to happen.

3. A good Defense
Defense is the key to winning ball games. If you can stop the other team from scoring, then your likely to win, as long as you can score. So in order to make the Final Four you have to be able to play at least good defense. It doesn't have to be great, but it has to be at least good.

4. A good offense.
This is obviously neccesary. If you are to win, you have to be able to score. Whether you have a star player that creates offense, or plays that work effectively, somehow your offense has to be able to click to play. In my opinion, either your offense or defense has to be great in order to make the Final Four, while the other is good.

So there are my four things you need to make it to the Final Four.
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Select Xavier to be this years Butler

As your filling out your bracket, you probably know that this year will have many upsets. The question is how many potential upsets to choose and how to tell which matchups could produce upsets. Well let me take you through a few of my upsets to help you out.In the East I think Xavier will be the representitive in the Final Four. Xavier. Now when i think of Xavier the name Tu comes to mind. The guy is amazing. I think that Xavier will easily defeat Marquette, and since their offense is disruptive against zone I think they will defeat Syracuse. Now here's another surprise. Instead of then meeting UNC, I think it will be Washington that plays them in the Elite Eight. Washington is a great team, and if they had performed as good as they are I think they would have gotten at least a 5 seed, because that is how good they are. They have an extremely talented guard (I have been a big fan of Isiah Thomas and hope he does well in the NBA) UNC is getting off a bad game, and I think they may underestimate the Huskies (as many teams before them have. Remember how they upset a 3 seed last year when they were only an eleven seed? I called that one too.) So I think they will reach the Sweet Sixteen, where they will have a hard-fought game with the great team that is Xavier. Both teams have excellent guards, so I think it will be a lot of fun too watch, but ultimately i think Xavier will win and move on to play Ohio State in the Elite Eight, and take them down.
Now moving to the West, I think that there is a potential 4-13 upset in this region. Oakland is seriously under-ranked. They play very well, and the only problem that they potentially could have is that they foul a lot. And that would bee very bad against Texas. But if they can keep fouling under control i think they have a good shot at winning, and are worth putting down because if they do win it will do you a lot of good in your bracket pool because not very many people are picking this upset because Oakland is so low-seeded. But remember, Vandy got shocked last year by Dayton, and that was a 4-13 game, and there really is not any incredible team in this tournament. There are some very good teams, but I don't think that Texas is one of those. There are a few minor upsets that I have here also but I won't go into those, and ultimately i think that since Duke is getting Kyrie Irving back they will at least get to the Elite Eight, and I think they'll upset Ohio State in the Final Four and make it to the Championship game.
So now you have the left side of my bracket. Now we so to the Southwest. There is only one big upset that I have here, and that is Richmond besting Vandy in the 5-12 matchup. I don't really trust Vandy in the tournament, after, as I touched on earlier, they lost to Dayton last year. I know that they came close to beating the Gators once or twice, but then the Gators ended up beating them by a decent amount. I think this could be a challenging game for Vanderbilt so that's why I have Richmond beating them. I have KU reaching the Final Four here and eventually winning the title.
Okay so I have had some upsets that are kind of shocking, but now it's time for the potentially weakest region in the bracet, the Southeast. With a one seed that has been ranked a 1 multiple times but never reached the Final Four in the history of this tournament, a 3 seed that has a player suspended and likely not returning (I still don't know if he will or not, but plan on him not because that school is very strict on that kind of stuff.) And my own Florida Gators (though you have to admit they've done very good this year) coming off a hard loss to Kentucky, it looks like great grounds for a whole bunch of upsets. First Round (well I guess it's the Second Round now) I only have one upset actually, which is Mich. St. which then gets fed to the Gators. But the Third round is where the fun starts. St. John's  tops BYU, and then in the next round Wisconsin or Kansas State (take your pick) topples the Pitt Panthers, reaching the Elite Eight, and then losing to Florida who is my last team in the Final Four.
So my Elite Eight is- Ohio State, Xavier, Duke, San Diego State, Kansas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, FloridaMy Final Four, Xavier, Duke, Kansas, FloridaMy Championship game, Duke, KansasMY Champion, Kansas
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Let's Go Heat

Alright, we all know that the biggest move this season is the Heat aqquiring Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh all in the same year. The real question is... How will it turn out?
Well let me take you on a journey to the land of The Heat.
So we know that the heat are going to need some help. They can't live off of LeBron Dwyane and Bosh alone.
But from what I see we have some pretty nice veteran players begging to get on the team. Zyrandraus got on the team for the league minimun to play with the probable National Champs. Many other players will likely follow suit, and the Heat will have some great talent to pick from.
They also have Mario Chalmers at Point Guard, and I think that he may be the next Rajon Rondo success story. Stepping into a star-filled team and growing as a playerunder the wings of the great.
If you listen to LeBron he says that he believes that they can all still get their averages from the previous seasons, because they will be able to shoot better shots because of the triple threat on the court. I think that it will probably work out like that, but the big question is, will it work? We'll have to wait and see.
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March Madness analysis

Now I'm no expert, so don't go getting mad at me if you copy my bracket or something radical.
But here are some things to think about while filling out your bracket this year.
And most of them are important enough to read.

First off we'll cover some teams that are liable to fall early.
There are some serious injuries out there. Syracuse's center, Arinze Onuaku, has gone down with a leg injury. Watch for them to fall to either Vandy or Butler if he is not playing in that game. Second, Purdue's guard Robbie Hummel has torn his right ACL, and is out for the tournament. And even worse for Purdue, their first round matchup is against a team well-known for giant-killing. Siena. Watch for an upset there. Villanova is far too overranked. A 2? Yeah. They can't play good defense for twenty minute stretches. Watch for them to fall to a team like Baylor. Pitt isn't the best team. They lost to South Florida by nine, and also to Indianna by ten.

Now we'll move on to some underranked teams and teams who may spring upsets.
Temple has been wronged, and deserved a three seed, at least. If they get past Wisconsin (I've never even heard of Wofford before) They might be able to spring an upset on number one seed Kentucky. Moving to the Midwest, Tennesee has been wronged  and deserved a four seed, having beaten both Kentucky and Kansas. If you need a more major upset in your bracket, add Tennessee taking out Georgetown. They play big when they need too, and unless Georgetown comes at them with everything they have, it will be a show. Some other upsets to watch for is Siena taking out Purdue, and then Texas A&M. I know it seems like a longshot, but they are famous for springing large upsets.
Also looking for an upset is UTEP who is a good possibility for hitting the sweet sixteen, if they can get by both Butler and Vandy (unless they are beaten by Murray State) and then if they can get through those two games, possibly taking out Syracuse if Onuaku is still hurt. That brings me to Washington. The Huskies are a good team, who took down Texas A&M who got a five seed this season.

Finally it's time for my own predictions.

My sweet sixteen-
Michigan State
Ohio State
West Virginia

My Elite Eight-
Ohio State
West Virginia

My Final Four

My Championship Game-

My Champion-

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