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Four Things It Takes To Make The Final Four

Posted on: December 20, 2011 5:06 pm
Well, College Basketball season has begun, and so has the March Madness predictions (I know, kinda early huh?)
With all the hard work, sweat, blood and tears already being put in by teams to make it to the Big Dance, it's already proving that this March will be as mad as any, which is a relief, since some thought that last March was just a coincidence, and that after the two years of virtually no exciting upsets, this year would be shaped after that pattern. It seems that there will be no such case, as there are many teams giving very good cases as to why they should be in The Final Four. I'm looking forward to this March for sure. 

My topic today is, what does it take for a team to make it to the Final Four. In my opinion there are four things that it takes. Obviously there are more things, but if a team has these four I think that they can make the Final Four. The four are

1. A respected Coach
The Coach of the team has to have the respect of all of his players. He doesn't necessarily have to have made a name for himself. He could be a first year coach. The important thing is the relationship between Coach and player. The player should want to do what their coach says. They should want to hear the praises of their coach. If this is in place, the other three qualities become much easier.

2. Work Ethic
I don't care how much talent your team has. If they don't work I'm not putting them in the Final Four. I hate to use a football reference in a basketball post, but I'm going too. Tim Tebow isn't necessarily super athletic. But in his book he says he did hundreds of push-ups, sit-ups, pullups etc. every day, including throwing pass after pass after pass. This man was driven. If a team has this kind of drive, this kind of passion to win, then I think this will push them even closer to the Final Four. obviously, if the player wants to please his coach, he will work hard. If the coach can ignite this kind of passion in the player, then from there beautiful things start to happen.

3. A good Defense
Defense is the key to winning ball games. If you can stop the other team from scoring, then your likely to win, as long as you can score. So in order to make the Final Four you have to be able to play at least good defense. It doesn't have to be great, but it has to be at least good.

4. A good offense.
This is obviously neccesary. If you are to win, you have to be able to score. Whether you have a star player that creates offense, or plays that work effectively, somehow your offense has to be able to click to play. In my opinion, either your offense or defense has to be great in order to make the Final Four, while the other is good.

So there are my four things you need to make it to the Final Four.
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